"Your Heldenleben is wonderful."
Carlos Kleiber

"Sybille Werner is an extraordinary musician and conductor.… Certainly any conductor of her musical and technical ability is an invaluable asset to the world of music."
André Watts

"To attend a performance which Ms. Werner conducts reveals a musician of extraordinary gifts and musical capacity."
Jonathan Sternberg

"I am completely happy with this recording! The Frauenkammerorchester never played my Israeli Dances so musically and grippingly. I attended many concerts, but this interpretation is perfect."
Silvia Sommer

“Sybille Werner conducts the small orchestra in a crisp reading of Frid’s score.”
Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 10, 2004

“A chamber ensemble plays vividly for Sybille Werner.”
Paul Griffiths, The New York Times, January 25, 2002

“Musical director Sybille Werner maintains a brisk pace, expertly conducting her accomplished nine-piece chamber orchestra throughout the intermissionless piece.”
Elias Stimac, Back Stage, February 8, 2002

"[The Poznan Symphony] played with considerable grace and sensitivity of style… Sybille Werner showed herself to be a person of sensitivity and rich spirituality while the interpretation remained within the framework of the classic German style."
Andrzej Chylewski, Glos Wielkopolski Poznan, April 28, 1997

“Sybille Werner was splendid Sunday night as guest conductor of the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra...Conducting the concert without scores, she did a masterful job of communicating style, balance and dynamics, producing many nuances."
Glenn H. Shull, Fort Collins Coloradoan, May 2, 1994